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Powerpuff Ponies

Scootaloo/Buttercup - Scootacup
Applebloom/Blossom - Appleblossom
Sweetie Belle/Bubbles - Sweetie Bubbles
Twist/Princess Morbucks - Princess Twist 

Because reasons.

Dammit! Some time ago I had a similar idea! I don’t wanna it seem to be stolen ;A; I guess I won’t draw the thing I wanted then… :/

(( OOC Mod Reply: It’s by no means a new idea, so don’t fret none :} Do your own version, add your own twists! Draw it because you want to. I mean, lots of people have different ideas how this should go; some people wanted Diamond Tiara as Morbucks… I just did Twist because I drew this for my friends and I. Please, draw your image and let me know when you do. I’d love to see it! ))

I’m okay with almost all of this, but…well…the canon version of Diamond Tiara already has the tiara, the money, and the villainess status, so…

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